Puppet Hire

We also hire out puppets for any event or occasion. We have puppets for photo-shoots, set dressing, shows or teaching. 

We have supplied them for many music videos, short films, adverts and theatre productions. Our 'Sound of Music' sets are very popular with schools and amateur dramatics groups for productions.

Please contact us for more information and rates.


The Sound of Music

Sound of Music Marionettes

Sound of Music Marionettes

Are you putting on a production of ‘The Sound of Music’?

If so then why not hire these marionettes.

Three goats and a Tyrolean boy and girl.The goats are approx 22 inches long and 14 inches tall. The boy and girl are approx 17 inches (43cms) tall.  The Goats have moving mouths for singing.All have basic stringing and are easy for beginners to operate with a little practice.

Creative Marionettes

All of these marionettes are around 65cms tall with 11 strings* - strung to a controller height of approx 1 metre.

Due to their size these puppets are great for interacting with people and have been used for photoshoots and theatre productions. They could also be useful in a teaching environment.

These are slightly more advanced puppets control wise due to the extra stringing but basic movements can be achieved with a short amount of practice.They are made using a combination of wood and lightweight modelling compounds.

*the gypsy violinist has extra stringing to allow for playing the instrument