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David Leech

David Leech

David Leech has been involved with puppets and puppet theatre from a very young age and has produced and presented shows in theatre and television in the UK, Canada, USA and Spain.

He is editor of the Newsletter for the British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild and has always specialised in making marionettes for the professional stage and television as well as producing puppets for children to use and play with.

Each puppet is made with the same skill and care as the original puppets that you may remember from your own childhood. Each face is painted individually, so you can be sure that no two puppets will ever be exactly the same.

David continues the tradition of using recycled materials for puppet making, just as Bob Pelham did in 1947. All the puppets are made from components and items originally produced for some other purpose!

The heads are still wooden spheres, the feet are still made from toggles and the bodies are made from banister rails. Legs and arms are made from dowelling, (for the prototypes he used broom handles, but the quality of the timber was not good enough for puppet making.)

The “t- shape” control bars are the same style and size as used for the original ‘Type LS’ or animal control bars so that children as young as five or six can manage them, (under supervision at first) but are designed to have a range of movements and control to appeal to older children as well, should they want to develop the hobby and stage shows at home or as part of a school project.