Ales is a woodcarver and puppetmaker from the Czech Republic, he lives in the small town of Jilove - with his wife and children.

He carves lovely marionettes but casts some of them for us (skeletons and birds) to make for more affordable puppets.

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Hand Puppet Commission
Special Commission - Wizard Hand Puppet (wooden)

Special Commission - Wizard Hand Puppet (wooden)

Would you like a puppet deisgn we don't currently make?
No problem, be it a marionette or a hand puppet we can make wooden puppets to your designs or ideas. Here's one we completed (courtesy of Vaclav and Marcela) for a customer in the USA.

Please contact us and we can build you your puppet.

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Carving Wooden Puppets - Project 2 - make a wooden hand puppet - make a wooden hand puppet

Project 2 in my series is nearly finished. This tutorial will show you how to carve a wooden hand puppet. It does require a little sewing as well.

The puppet I make is a pirate but I will be including a pattern for a cat if you prefer.

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New Hand Puppets

We have just added a new section to the shop - 'Hand Puppets' 

We will expand our range of wooden hand puppets over the coming weeks but first in are a couple of beautiful puppets a girl and boy, or Prince and Princess. Take a look now here....

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Meet our Makers - Part 1 - Richard Kuklik

Richard Kuklik 

Richard makes most of our small and medium marionettes from his workshop in prague.

Richard's marionettes are reminiscent of the oldest traditional Czech marionettes. A curiously careful mix of stylisation, exaggerated but effective features, hand-sewn detailed clothes and a surprisingly subtle expression (usually of wise wit or happy content) is required to take on the mantle of a century-old art-form. The result is a unique traditional marionette made affordable by an extremely well-tuned team production. Again and again, Richard's marionettes star in family-run theatres all over the Czech Republic, fueling the slowly reappearing reproductions of fairy tales and legends performed by wandering marionette actors or as bed-time stories.

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Making a wooden marionette

Would you like to make your own marionettes? 

Coming soon is a video tutorial showing you how to make this little fellow. You can follow along with the build or use the techniques to build you own characters.

You can now learn more at the specific site:

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Orders for Christmas 2013

All of our puppets ship from England (UK) so please keep this mind when you order. 

Orders to the UK should arrive in 2-3 working days.

Products to Europe (please allow 7-10 days)

Rest of the world - we always ship by airmail but please note it could take 14-21 days to receive your order. 

Place your orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  Stocks are limited and when they are sold out they are unlikely to be available again until the New Year.


Thank you.


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