Richard Kuklik - Rici Studios


Richard's studios in Prague is responisible for most of the small and medium marionettes we sell. They are beautifully designed and finished. They are cast in molds so are fixed designs  (unlike our wooden carved puppets) and the clothing and accessories are all handmade.

Rici's marionettes are reminiscent of the oldest traditional Czech marionettes. A curiously careful mix of stylisation, exaggerated but effective features, hand-sewn detailed clothes and a surprisingly subtle expression (usually of wise wit or happy content) is required to take on the mantle of a century-old art-form. The result is a unique traditional marionette made affordable by an extremely well-tuned team production. Again and again, Richard's marionettes star in family-run theatres all over the Czech Republic, fueling the slowly reappearing reproductions of fairy tales and legends performed by wandering marionette actors or as bed-time stories. Richard sees this trend as one of his greatest lifelong achievements, and the best confirmation of the significance of his marionettes.


Richard emphasizes detail and durability. Even the modern pop-culture and celebrity inspired marionettes are made if not with the same amount of tradition-specific stylisation, then at least with the same high material and handwork standards. Nails, gathers, cheek blushes, frowns and smiles are details you will usually not find on marionettes of comparable prices. The wood, leather, lace, and cloth used is carefully selected and used to underline the work that went into the faces and hands of the marionettes. Thanks to the precise and talented studio members, this quality is created and maintained without sending the costs cloudward.